Coda the West Coda the West

  Gordon Lightfoot -
"A Painter Passes Through
Gordon Lightfoot

Katherine Wheatley Katherine Wheatley -
Habits and Heroe's"

The Three-Headed Trio-
'Songs from "Songs With Punchlines"'

Crystal Gage-"No Stone Unturned"

  James Keelaghan -
James Keelaghan

Gill Grand Gil Grand -
"Famous First Words"

  Mickey Andrews -
"Venturing Out"
Mickey Andrews

Inside Out Helena Kameka -
"Inside Out"

  Jane Siberry -
"Bound by the Beauty"
Jane Siberry-Bound by the Beauty

Jane Siberry - "The Walking"" The Walking" Jane Siberry -
"The Walking"

  Justin Hines-
"So I'm Told"
So I'm Told

Katherine Wheatley Katherine Wheatley -
"Straight Line"

  Richard Knechtel -
"Home and Away"
<font face="Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif" size="-1"><b><font color="#999999">Home and Away</font></b></font>

Kara Jelly Kara Jelly

  Shelley Buffitt -
"Bad Side of Town"
Bad Side of Town

Sweet Harmony

Sweet Harmony-
"...for the runnin' "

  Bill Candy-
"Closer to the Music"
Bill Candy

Gregg Lawless

Gregg Lawless -
"Wicked Little Buzz"

  Daisey deBolt -
"Soul Stalking"
D deBolt

Gregg Lawless

Gregg Lawless -
"Gregg Lawless"

  Ronnie Robertson -
"Billy Mae"


Arrogant Worms -
"Idiot Road"

"Shirt Pay"

Gregg Lawless

Brent Titcomb-
"Beyond Appearances"

  Heather Smith -
"One Penny More"
Heather Smith


"I See a Star"

  Lori Morrison -
"Keep the Candle Burning"

Gregg Lawless

Steve Dickinson -
"Good Old Days"

"Bouncin' Back"

Bernard and Brohm

Bernard and Brohm-
"And Then Some"

  Mandy Baker -
"You Wish"
MAndy Baker

Gregg Lawless

Laura Rose -
"Capture the Magic"

  General Store -
"Open For Business"
General Store

Kim Brown

Kim Brown & Grainne Ryan -
"Maggie's Field"

  Von Fischer -
"Surrounded by Angels"
Von Fischer

Kiley Joe Masson

Kiley Joe Masson-
"In the Key of Country"

  Andy Carey -
Andy Carey

Kidd Sisters

Kidd Sisters-
"Songs You Hate to Love"

  Jana Lee Reid -
Jana Lee eid

Peter Eastmure

Peter Eastmure-
"The Smallest Voice"

  Stewart Hooey -
"Daughters of America"
Stewart Hooey

Classic Fishin Songs

Classic Fishin' Songs

"Music Rough Guide"


Mariposa 2003

  David Leask -
"Tightrope of Dreams"

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets-
"Perfect Remedy"

  Don Bray -

Judy Kanyo-"Inside Out"

  James Van Norman-
"The Next Red Light"

Lou Moore

Lou Moore - "Lou Moore & Friends"

  Kim Cole- " I'll Take the Cowboy" Cole


J-45 - "Two Wishes"

  John P. Allen -
"The Canadian Fiddle...Violin"
John Allen


Southern Ontario Finger-style Guitar Association - (WF)"Fret No More"

  The Songs of Ian Tamblyn -
"Coastline Of Our Dreams"


General Store - "More In Store"

  L.W. Simms - "Defining Moments" LWS


Bebop Cowboys - "Canadian Dancehall"

  After Tuesday - "After Tuesday" AT


Caroline Wiles - "I'd Like To Know"

  The Ground Crew "I've Just Seen a Farce" LWS

Matt Masters "Centennial Swell"

  Terri-Lynn Dymock "Spirit Dancer"

Betty and The Bobs Betty and the Bobs "Betty and the Bobs "

  The Gift - "A Tribute to Ian Tyson"

Classic Country Music Reunion
16th Anniversary Double CD Set 2007

  Shawn Brush "Bootlegs"

Wayne Posnick Wayne Posnick - "It's Not My Fault"

  Southern Roots - "An American Folk Music Companion" SR

Shari Lynn Shari Lynn
Can You Cut It?

  Uptown Folk Club "Where the Music Comes to Play" Uptown Folk Club

Wayne Posnick Dirk Beck - "Insomnia"

  Mark Willms "Release" Mark Willms

Bob Ardern Bob Ardern - "Come From Away"

  Bill Barnes "The Last Canadian" Bill Barnes

Rick Garvin Rick Garvin - "The Family of Man"

  Tucker Finn "The Cup & The Lip" Bill Barnes

Rick Garvin William Coon - "Saturday Afternoon Cowboy"

  Karen Romanchuk - "Dance" Bill Barnes

Sean Bourke Sean Bourke- "Alone"

  Glenn McFarlane - "Food For Thought" Bill Barnes

Sean Bourke Sharron Le Blanc- "Then & Now"

  Lee Palmer - "One Take" Lee Palmer

After Glow After Glow - "Reflections"

  Eli Barsi - "Portrait of a Cowgirl" Eli Barsi

Good Company Good Company - "In a Town This Size"

  Teal & Joyce - "Has It All Been Said" Teal & Joyce

Nicole Rayy Nicole Rayy - "Only Everything"

  Vinnik Sheppard Harte - "My Favourite Shirt" Teal & Joyce

Fernande McNabb Fernande McNabb "Fernande McNabb"

  David K. Joyce - "Nuggets and High Grade" David K. Joyce

The Hugh's Room Tapes - Bob Dylan The Hugh's Room Tapes - Bob Dylan

  Barbara Lynn Doran - "Love from All Sides" Barbara Lynn Doran

Caroline Wiles Lovers Lane - Caroline Wiles

  Sue and Dwight - "For A Moment" Sue and Dwight - For A Moment

Dan Kearney’s - Nothing Is Forever Dan Kearney’s - "Nothing Is Forever"

  Glenn McFarlane’s - "Music and Friends" Glenn McFarlane’s - Music and Friends

The Good Brothers - Wide Awake Dreamin The Good Brothers - "Wide Awake Dreamin’"

  Various Artists- "The Songs of Tony Quarrington" The Songs of Tony Quarrington

The Good Brothers - Wide Awake Dreamin Various Artists - "Classic Country"

  Various Artists- "Then and Now Vol.1" The Songs of Tony Quarrington

Christmas with Good Company Good Company- Christmas with Good Company

  Bailey Rogers- "Bailey Rogers" The Songs of Tony Quarrington

Christmas with Good Company Steve Gosse- Took 10 Years

  Dan McVeigh - "'Resolutions" dan-mcveigh

Glenn McFarlane Time to Kill Glenn McFarlane - " Time to Kill"

  Bill Candy - " Idle Never More" Bill Candy Idle Never More

Craig Day I Don't Need To Workout- I Work Craig Day I Don't Need To Workout - "I Work"

  Jaquie Drew - "The Boss Is A Woman" Jaquie Drew The Boss Is A Woman

Judy Von The Prayer Judy Von - "The Prayer"

  Kelly Vohnn - "A New Beginning" Kelly Vohnn A New Beginning

Steve Goldberger Cosmic Cowboy Steve Goldberger -  "Cosmic Cowboy"

  Various Artists - "Stuck On a Cold Steel Pole" Stuck On a Cold Steel Pole Various Artists

Various Artists 24th International Folk Alliance Various Artists - "24th International Folk Alliance" 

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