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June 1 It's CMAO (Country Music Association Ontario) this year in London and I'm hosting a Songwriters-in-the Round evening at Rum Runners. Along with me and my stupid songs we'll feature some real writers including Jason Blaine, Dan Davidson, Ryan Langton, Marie Bottrell, myself and several others. For tickets and info visit the CMAOntario site: https://cmaontario.ca/awards/about/
June 3 It's the annual awards show for the CMAO. I'll be playing with the Western Swing Authority as we back up several of the performing acts. Plus there's a Legacy Revival Show (2:00-4:00pm) in the afternoon making for a full day of amazing entertainment. For full details check out the web site: https://cmaontario.ca/awards/about/
June 8 I'm doing a private concert for a retirement party out in the Stratford area. But unless you're a policeman... I won't be seeing you. Again all 'hush-hush'. (And now the retiree is eating 'mush-mush'.)
June 10 Once more I'm the special guest with Mulligans Stew at Mulligans in Mississauga. We start at 4:00 and got until about 8:00. Always fun and always a different repertoire. Keeps me on my toes. In fact, last time a guest got up and sang Bad Company's 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love'! I hadn't played that since 1977! It rocked! Here's their website: https://www.mulliganspub.ca/
June 16 I'm doing a private party in Waterdown. I must be the 'retirement king'? Like Elton John was the 'death king'... I'll have to write a generic retirement song. Again, 'hush-hush'.
June 22 - 24 I’m heading back to northern Alberta to play the North Country Fair. It’s been taking place since 1978. This is an excellent festival in an idyllic spot called Driftpile. This is where all the old hippies ended up. Not only was the site beautiful… the crowd made use of the many trash, recycle and compost bins around the grounds and the place looked just as spotless Sunday night as it did on Friday morning. Mighty responsible and environment conscious people out there. And four smells rocked my world. Wood smoke, cannabis, sweat and patchouli oil. It was Woodstock all over again. Or maybe just an acid flashback? Either way you’ll love this festival. Great people and a great vibe. Here’s their site: http://lslncca.ca/current/
June 24 I'm still out west in northern Alberta but Ed Smith and the Even Squares resume their residency at the Horseshoe Tavern. I believe young Graham Young will be filling in for yours truly. If you want to hear some classic country music, well played, head over. They start at 8:30. Here's the website: https://www.horseshoetavern.com/
June 28- July 1 I'm at Dauphin's Countryfest for the 14th straight year. As usual I'll be hosting the Songwriter's Circle on the main stage Saturday 4:30-5:45 in the afternoon. As well as hosting and performing in the VIP tent every evening after the main stage ends. Come and see me and some fantastic guests. For the full schedule here:http://countryfest.ca/page.php?section=2
July 6, 7, 8

I’m going to be performing at Mariposa Folk Festival again this year. This festival is one of Ontario's finest and I had a run where I did it 7 years in a row! They must’ve got tired of seeing this old face because I haven’t been asked back in ten years. But the wheel turns slow and I’m heading back up there. Details and a full line-up will be available on their website. http://www.mariposafolk.com
I'll be performing Saturday at 11:00am (Did You Hear The One About) and 3:00pm (Guitar Masters) and on Sunday at 12:15pm (Witty and Wise) and finally a Wendell concert with members of the Western Swing Authority at the Mariposa Pub Stage at 6:15-7:10pm (Wendell and Company) For a full schedule go here: http://www.mariposafolk.com/the-festival/lineup-2/#/artist/wendell-ferguson

July 13, 14, 15

I'm at the Canterbury Folk Festival in Ingersoll all weekend but I just wanted to let you know about what I have lined up for closing the main-stage on Saturday night. I do a gig with two fantastic tele-pickers, Steve Piticco and Lou Moore and we're backed up by three awesome accompanists, John Dymond on the bass, Al Cross on drums and Wade Foster on the fiddle. It's pure country music with a little bluegrass, a little folk, a little folk and a few fiddle tunes thrown in. Everyone is a virtuoso so there'll be more notes than you've ever heard before. In this configuration we call ourselves 'Guitar Mayhem' and mayhem it is! And best of all it's totally free! This is Canterbury's 19th annual festival and it just keeps getting better and better. It's held in Yvonne Mott Holmes Memorial Park right downtown. For a full line-up of the weekend visit the Canterbury site at: http://www.canterburyfolkfestival.on.ca/

July 20 I'm at J. Red and Company, a restaurant in Brampton. I'll be picking with fiddler/guitarist/mandolinist/singer Aaron Solomon. We start at 7:00pm and Red's is located at 341 Main Street North in Brampton.
July 21 July 28: Me and 3 of my pals are playing a private party in Norval. (Finally everything's back to Norval) No details, sorry.
July 22 I'm back at the Horseshoe Tavern with Ed Smith and the Even Squares to play some blistering traditional country music. If you like Merle, Johnny, Willie, Lefty, Waylon and all those guys you'll love this. We start at 8:30 and do two 1 hours sets. No cover but we may pass the hat. And it's a 10-gallon hat! Here's their website:https://www.horseshoetavern.com/
July 28 Me and 3 of my pals are playing a private party in Norval. (Finally everything's back to Norval) No details, sorry.
July 29 I'm probably back (or maybe not?) with Kevin Phillips and the Stew at Mulligans Pub in Mississauga. But then again the bar may stop entertainment for the summer, depending on the crowds (or lack thereof?) Check back closer to the date to see if this gig is happening... https://www.mulliganspub.ca/
July 30-August 3 I’ll be back teaching another course at the Haliburton School for Art & Design in Haliburton Village for Fleming College’s Summer Program. The course is called ‘Songwriting for the Guitarists- Concepts and Chords’. I’ll show the students the standard chord progressions and how to understand them and utilize them in your songwriting. We’ll have plenty of examples and they’ll all learn a lot of new songs as well as write their own. For full details email askus@hsad.ca, call them at: (705) 457-1680 and to enroll visit their website at: https://flemingcollege.ca/school/haliburton-school-of-art-and-design/course-calendar
August 4 I'm once again playing with Isabel Fryszberg, this time at Relish. It's a fun band with John Switzer on bass, Rebecca Campbell on vocals, Paul Brennan on drums and Isabel on acoustic and vocals. Oh, and me on electric. Her music contains country, folk, gypsy, and Appalachian influences. No cover, but they do pass the hat. So bring big bills! Gig goes from 7:00-9:00pm. Relish: http://www.relishbarandgrill.com/
August 10 Wendell and Wheat ride again at the Old Winery Restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake (2228 Niagara Stone Road NOTL). Katherine Wheatley and I have toured extensively throughout Canada and the US and it's always good to get together with her again. And supporting us is 'The Old Winos' led by Steve Goldberger. This is a fun, loose gig at an excellent Italian restaurant. We start around 9 and go until midnight. No cover. Come hungry and you won't be disappointed. Here's their website: http://www.theoldwineryrestaurant.com/
August 18 I'm doing a private party up in the Kawartha's. It'll be fun for me, but not you.
August 19 Ed Smith and The Even Squares ('even squares can have a ball') are back at the Horseshoe. This is our 7th time back there and it's a real treat to bring traditional country music back to this venerable, old establishment. We start at 8:30 and bring your cowboy hat and boots....but no six guns please. https://www.horseshoetavern.com/
August 21


TIME:  2 - 5 pm

   LOCATION:  The Iron City Fishing Club, a private fishing club on Georgian Bay since 1882 (click here for map)    

   BOAT DOCKING:   ICFC is water access only and docking is limited (see map for dock location at ICFC)

  WATER TAXI:  For those who are not water access, we will be offering a water taxi from Moon River Marine on Woods Bay for $10. per person/return trip. Car parking will be free courtesy of Moon River Marine. Space is limited, reserve at MassFriends@hotmail.ca (pay upon arrival at the water taxi).  Please car/boat pool if you can.  

Taxi leaves Moon River Marine at 1:15 pm and departs ICFC at 5:15pm.

   TICKETS:  $40 before July 8, 2018

                        $50 after July 8, 2018

                        (online ticket purchase for new members include 1 year FOMP membership)


   BRING:  Money to bid on silent auction and to purchase raffle tickets, a chair, and a tray of finger foods to share – savory or sweet!  

August 24 I'm playing with my pal Lou Moore at the Newmarket Music Festival. We've been booked for this gig before but last time Lou was recovering from his surgery so he came but didn't play. This time he's raring to go. I believe we just do a one hour set. Details on their site: http://www.newmarket.ca/ThingsToDo/Pages/Recreation%20and%20Culture/Events/Newmarket-Music-Festival.aspx
August 25 I'm the opening act for Tianna Woods, a dynamic young country singer with a new single and video just released. I do my show, she does hers and then I come up and guest for a duet and the finale. Sounds like a plan doesn't it? It takes place at the Backstage Capitol Theatre in Delhi. Ticket and time info on her website: http://www.tiannawoods.com/
August 30 I'm finally back playing the Lou Moore gig at Colonel Mustard's in Newmarket. This is a fun guitar pickin' gig and Lou really puts me through the paces. We start at 8:00pm. Here's the directions: http://www.colmustards.ca/
September 6-9 I’m heading to the CCMAs. The Canadian Country Music Awards. And this year it’s nice and close. Hamilton. No flying and paying for extra baggage. Ahhh. That feels nice already. More details on what I’ll be doing as we get closer to the event. https://www.ccma.org
October 5 I’ll be heading over to Burlington Ontario to the Black Bull British Pub to do a show of my stupid songs and fancy finger-style. Opening is the Niagara whiz kid, Evan Rotella. I’m not sure if this is an evening or an afternoon show but check back closer to the gig and I should know. 2475 Mountainside Drive, Burlington. Here’s their web-site: http://www.blackbull.ca
December 2 I'm Playing with my dear old friend Marie Bottrell in a package show in Wingham. No details at this time.
December 4 Marie Bottrell and I donut all over again but this time in Niagara Falls. Details as they become available.
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