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Aug 4 When Shawn McCullough asked myself and Steve Piticco to do a triple-Telecaster gig with him in Westport several years ago we readily agreed. With Steve, myself, Shawn on guitars and Mark Lemieux on drums, Rocky LaFleur on bass and Wade Foster on fiddle, what’s not to like? But we didn’t really have a good band name back then, so the owner of the Cove Inn, Seamus Cowan dubbed us, Country Guitar Pickin’ Mayhem. We had nothing better so we’ve been operating under that moniker ever since. But Kevin Head (himself a guitarist/singer/songwriter and performer) suggested a name and we all loved it. The Guitar Souls! Say it out loud a few times… you’ll get it.
So this will be the first gig we’re doing with the new name. But it’s the exact same band and same good music. Shawn and Steve are so good I can hardly keep up with them.. but I do my darnedest. This gig is in Gananoque at the Joel Stone Heritage Park Amphitheatre right on the waterfront and it’s free to the public. We start at 7:30pm sharp. Warning! Lots and lots of notes! Here’s some info: https://www.gananoque.ca/community-services/arts-culture-and-heritage/free-summer-concert-in-the-parks
Aug 5  I’m playing with Ron Robertson in the Port Dover area. Sorry but it’s a private function and not open to members of the public.
Aug 6 Steel Horse Gypsies are playing at Kempenfest on the waterfront in Barrie. It’s an all day affair and SHG’s take the stage at 11:30am and play into the early afternoon. This band rocks pretty hard so hang on to the ropes and wear a life jacket. https://www.steelhorsegypsies.com And here’s Kempenfest’s website: https://kempenfest.com
Aug 8  I’m subbing for Mike McCurlie with the Judy Marsales Band at Pub Fiction in Ancaster. It’s kinda like a live karaoke band. We play and the audience gets up and sings. Much fun starting at 8PM. 1242 Garner Road West in Ancaster, ON. L9G 3K9. Excellent food there as well. Here’s the website: https://pubfiction.ca 
Aug 10 Join myself, Aaron Allen and Kelsi Mayne for and evening of songs and stories hosted by the great Danielle Bourjeaurd. She’s also included the round. It’s called the ‘North of the Border’ writers-round show in Woodstock Ontario. The venue is the Ironworks Kitchen at 529 Dundas Street Woodstock and we get it started at 7:30PM. I’ve never been there but it looks nice. Here’s their website: https://ironworkskitchen.ca
Aug 11 I’m playing in Westdale Village (in Hamilton) as part of the ArtsFest street festival. But since it’s country themed it’s now ‘ArtsWest!’ Tonight we’ll be doing two sets starting at 6 and 8 PM and it will be, myself, Gene Falbo (Jackson Hawke), Al Cross (Big Sugar, Jane Siberry) and Dave Matheson (Roxy Fruvous). We’ll make some fine country music. And best of all… it’s free. Here’s the website: https://westdalevillage.ca/artswest/
Aug 12 Again I’m playing at ArtsWest in Westdale Village, Hamilton. On King St. West in front of the Westdale Theatre. A free, fun time. Tonight the band will be myself, Ed Smith Al Cross and Neil Nickafor. A little bird told me that my good friend from the left coast Tom McKillip is in town, so he may drop by and bring his saxophone. Fingers are crossed. We play two sets starting at 6 and 8 PM. Here’s the Website: https://westdalevillage.ca/artswest/
Aug 14 I’m doing a gig with Vancouver’s Jimmy Zee, along with Rodney St.Amand and Gary Taylor. Sounds like fun. Details when I get them.
Aug 17 I’m the special guest of Lou Moore up at the Olde Village Free House in Newmarket. It’s almost like the TV show ‘Cheers!' Everyone knows everyone and there’s’ always lots of laughs and musical fun. Downbeat is 8 PM and seating is limited. Here’s the website with the address: https://www.oldevillagefreehouse.com
Aug 18 The Stew, the band I play with throughout the year on Sunday’s is playing in Stoney Creek Village. It’s presented by the same folks that did last weekend. I believe it’s called ‘Boots In the Creek’. The band is Kevin Phillips, Rodney St.Amand, Gary Taylor, Russ Wooldridge and moi. We do two sets starting at 6 and 8PM. I believe it’s a free event. That’s all I know at this point. Tune in before the gig for more details. Here’s the Website: https://downtownstoneycreek.ca/events/  
Aug 19 The Guitar Souls (Wendell Ferguson, Steve Piticco and Shawn McCullough along with killer sidemen, Rocky LaFleur, Mark Lemieux and Wade Foster are one of many acts at The Cove Inn’s 15th Annual Music Westport Weekend Summer Festival. There are acts appearing on two separate stages all day. We’ll be at the Lockwood Park Stage starting at 5:00PM. Always a treat to pick with these guys. It’s a hot act. Info o the Cove Inn’s website: https://coveinn.com/event/musicwestport-2023/
Aug 22 The Stew (the band I play with on Sundays through the rest of the year) are playing the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) again! This time it’s in the evening and it's on the outdoor ‘Midway’ stage right on Princes Boulevard. C’mon down (if you can afford a $14 cooler!!!) Seriously this band has killer grooves and we’ll have a horn section with us again this year. Last year that ‘smell of the “Ex” was totally gone! I guess it was the first year open since covid shut them down for a while? But that weird mixture of grease, vomit and excitement smells was totally absent! Didn’t feel like the EX I grew up with. Here’s the website where that info will appear: https://www.theex.com/performances/music/
Aug 23 I’m doing a private house concert in the north end of Toronto. It’’s not exactly private… but he has a list of patrons he invites. If you need a fix of me doing my solo thing on acoustic let me know?
Aug 25 Ed Smith and the Even Squares are back at the Queens’ Legs for another great evening of traditional country music. Last time the band was unbelievable. I hope he gets another stellar band. Music starts around 9PM and the Queen’s Legs is located at 286 Eglinton Ave West near Avenue Road. No website.
Aug 26 The Stew are doing a wedding. Should be a fun day. Obviously a private affair.
Aug 27 The Steel Horse Gypsies are playing the Barrie Fair. There’s more details on both the SHG site: https://www.steelhorsegypsies.com and the Barrie Fair site:  It’s 7505 10th Line, Thornton, ON.  https://essaagriplex.ca/barriefair
Aug 31 Once again I’m sitting in with the amazing Mike Daley at Castro’s Lounge in the Beaches area of Toronto. We only play from 6 until 8PM. But boy do we have fun. So does the audience. It’s the most giving and generous audience ever. Regulars that love good music. And we always try new stuff. Blazing guitars. All genres. Castro’s Lounge is located at 2116 Queen St. E. in Toronto. Here’s the website: https://castroslounge.com
Sept 2 The Guitar Souls are headlining the Hollyrood Festival on the Saturday night. We start around 9:00pm. Here’s link to their website: https://hollyroodjamboree.com 
Sept 3  I’m sitting in with Ron Robertson and his band at the Port Dover Legion.Branch 158.  I hear the place rocks. Should be fun. They don’t appear to have a website, but here’s a Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/665107056849726/
Sept 10 The Stew starts back up at Mulligans. I’ve only seen the Stew guys sporadically over the summer so I’m looking forward to the reunion and all the musical journeys Kevin Phillips takes us on. With Gary Taylor on drums, Rodney St.Amand on bass, Rob Gusevs on keys and me on guitar. No cover, great food! Downbeat is 4:30PM. Mulligans: https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Sept 14 -17 CCMA Awards weekend in Hamilton. I’ll be MD’ing the Legends Show own the Thursday night. Details at the CCMA website: https://ccma.org.
Sept 16 The Steel Horse Gypsies are playing the Port Hope Fair in... where else? Port Hope. I believe the set is at 11:15am until 1:30pm, but I could be wrong. Check back and I’ll have all the details. https://www.porthopefair.com
Sept 17 Back at Mulligan’s with the Stew! https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Sept 21 “A Legend Performs” - Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula - at 59 Main St. Lions Head, ON.  - 7:00pm  Call: 519-377-7979 or www.eventbrite.com 
Sept 24 Back at Mulligan’s with the Stew! https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Sept 29 The Stew is playing a very cool nightspot in Orangeville. It’s called Revival 1863. You really ought to check it out. Coolest interior of a club I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of clubs. We start around 8pm. Here’s the website:https://revival1863.com
Sept 30  I’m playing with ‘Ed Smith and the Even Squares’ at the Masonic Temple in Port Hope, 54 Toronto Rd. Port Hope, ON.
 Classic/Traditional Country with Canadian All Star Musicians!
Doors open at 7:00pm - Show Starts at 8:00pm 
Tickets $25 Advance, $30 at Door - E-Transfer purchase @ edsmithsings@gmail.com
 - Tickets also available at : Studio 100 - 14 Ontario St. Port Hope. And Milly’s Port Hope 33 Walton St.
Oct 1  The Stew at Mulligan's Pub starting at 4:30pm. - https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Oct 6 The Stew at Longbranch Legion. This is such a cool Legion. So cool, I became a member. Long Branch Legion is located at 3850 Lakeshore Blvd. W. Toronto and here’s their facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/longbranchlegion/
Oct 8 The Stew at Mulligan's Pub starting at 4:30pm- https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Oct 14  I’m playing a gig with the great Lou Moore! It’s always a treat to get to pick guitar with Big Louie. It’s a wedding... so sadly, you can’t come.
Oct 15 The Stew at Mulligan's Pub starting at 4:30pm- https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Oct 21 I’m the guest with Steve Grisbrook and his band 'Blues Etc.' We’re doing The Carrigan Arms in Burlington 2025 Upper Middle Road L4P 4K1. Start time is 4PM sharp. Come and be blown away by Steve’s great guitar playing. Here’s the website: https://carriganarms.ca
Oct 22  The Stew at Mulligan's Pub starting at 4:30pm- https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Oct 29  The Stew at Mulligan's Pub starting at 4:30pm- https://www.mulliganspub.ca
Nov 10 The Stew are back at Revival 1863 in Orangeville. https://revival1863.com
Nov 18 The CMAO is presenting a Legends Show in Haliburton. It went so well last year they’ve decided to repeat it again this year. Details will come closer to the date. When the facts are known, the details will appear here: https://cmaontario.ca
E-mail: wendell@wendellferguson.com
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